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Spring 2023 Season

Click here to register for the Spring 2023 season!

Before you register, please carefully review the information below.

Age Requirement

  • Players are assigned to either the 5/6 year old league or the 7/8 year old league based on the Date of Birth (DOB) entered during registration
  • Players born between 5/1/16 and 4/30/18 will be assigned to a team in the 5/6 year old league
  • Players born between 5/1/14 and 4/30/16  will be assigned to a team in the 7/8 year old league
  • Requests to play in a league other than the one assigned based on DOB entered cannot be accommodated

Season Schedule

  • Jamboree on Saturday April 29 (9a for 7/8 year old teams, 10a for 5/6 year old teams) - meet your teammates and pick up your shirt
  • First game on Sunday April 30
  • Final game on Saturday June 10
  • Each team will have one game on Saturdays between 9a and 2p, and one game on Sundays between Noon and 5p
  • Game time will vary from week to week
  • Jamboree and all games are in the Washburn High School stadium
  • Teams have time to warm up/practice for the first 10-15 minutes, followed by 40 minutes of game time
  • No games will be scheduled on Memorial Day weekend
  • Games canceled due to weather cannot be rescheduled

Friend Request

  • Players can request to play with a single friend OR teammates from a previous team
  • Mutual friend requests are the most likely to be honored
  • Requests to play with multiple friends cannot be accommodated
  • Please confirm your friend request is planning to register, and what name (or nickname) they use
  • If your friend request is in a different age group, it cannot be modified or accommodated
  • Siblings will be placed together (as long as DOB falls within ranges listed above) unless requested otherwise


  • $30 includes a team shirt and medal
  • Refunds for reasons other than medical cannot be accommodated

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How does Fuller Soccer work?

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