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  • There are six (6) players on the field for each 5-6 year old team.
  • There are five (5) players on the field for each 7-8 year old team.
  • Parents should remain at the game with their children.
  • To start the game, all defensive players are on their side of the line and outside the circle.
  • The team kicking off may have players inside the circle. The ball should be passed forward. Once the ball has been kicked, all players may cross the center line or enter the circle. A goal cannot be scored on the kickoff unless another player first touches the ball.
  • When one team kicks the ball out of bounds on either side of the field, the other team gets a throw-in. The player closest to the ball should be selected to throw the ball in at the point where it went out of bounds. The player holds the ball above and behind his/her head. Both feet should stay on the ground when throwing. Call "play on" if the ball touches the line. Call "throw in" when the ball completely crosses the line.
  • When the ball goes completely beyond the end line (goal line):
  • If the defensive team touched the ball last, the ball is placed at the nearest comer for a comer kick. Players may line up in any position, but must be about 10 feet from the ball when it is kicked. A goal may be scored on a comer kick without being touched by another player (but at this age the ball should be passed first. )
  • lf the offensive team touched the ball last, the goalie gets a goal kick. The players on the opposing team all move behind the center line. The goalie's team may line up anywhere on the field. The ball is placed on the line of the goalie box and the goalie passes it to one of his/her team members or kicks it towards the other end. Once the goalie has kicked the ball, the other team can cross the center line.
  • A goal is scored when the ball completely crosses the goal line between the goal posts.
  • If a player unintentionally touches the ball with their hands or arms in an effort to protect his/her body, it is acceptable. However, if the player tries to stop the bail or redirect it with their hands or arms it is called a handball and the other team gets a free kick. The ball is placed at the point of the foul and if it is kicked into the goal it does not count unless it is first touched by another player .
  • The goalie can touch the ball with his/her hands while inside the goal box area. The goalie may leave the box, but may not touch the ball with his/her hands while outside the box.
  • If a player is intentionally rough or mean, a free kick should be awarded and the game stopped. Sit down and talk with the players. This is a friendly game. If the rough play is unintentional, caution the player, the game continues.
  • If a player is hurt, stop the game. If one team is shooting let them continue momentarily but the coach should attend to the injured player .
  • Coaches also act as referees on the field. Please choose a side of the field and move up and down at the side of the field, trying not to run or stand in the middle of the field.
  • Whistles are not allowed.

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